1Keyboard - Virtual Bluetooth KeyboardUse your Mac as a Bluetooth keyboard to all of your iOS devices.
Type on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV using your Mac’s keyboard.

Available on the Mac App Store

on the Mac App Store

Use your Mac’s keyboard to type on any of your devices!

Use Mac as keyboard to type on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android and PS3

Text much faster on your phone

iPhone and Android mobile devices are supported

Easily edit long documents on your tablet

iPad and Android tablets are supported

Control your 2nd laptop/desktop

with only one keyboard

Remote control your iPod player

increase the volume, forward to next song

Easy. Efficient. Powerful.
It just works.
Connect a new device
Add new devices by simply pairing them up with your computer using Bluetooth. Open your device Bluetooth preferences and connect to your Mac.
Plug and play, zero configuration
Select a target device
A sleek menu bar utility displays your paired devices and their status. Use the menu or define keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between target devices.
Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
Start typing!
A device window appears when a target device is selected. Unique names and icons identifies each of your different devices. Toggle between desktop and focused device with a special shortcut.

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Available on the Mac App Store